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Water Rebate Application

Terms & Conditions

Duration of rebate offer:

The rebate covers water-wise appliances and repairs purchased and installed no more than one year prior to the date the application is received by the City of Hazelton and will continue until the budget is exhausted or the program is terminated by the City of Hazelton or the North Side Soil & Water Conservation District. Particulars of this program, including (but not limited to) incentive amounts and termination date, are subject to change without prior notice.

Proof of purchase:

Satisfactory proof of purchase is required. Sales receipts or invoices itemizing the materials purchased must accompany each rebate application. Proof of purchase must indicate the quantity, type, and date of each product purchased and installed. Appliances must carry the WaterSense label or be found on the WaterSense product list at Incentive payment: Each service address will be limited to one rebate application per calendar year. Materials must be purchased and installed before payment can be issued. Submitting an incentive application with incomplete or missing information may delay incentive processing and payment. False information may lead to cancellation of this and future program participation and/or a claim by the City of Hazelton or NSSWCD for the return of incentives paid under the program. Rebates will be issued as a credit to the utility account of the applicant. Rebates will be the lesser of the rebate amount or the actual cost of the appliance.

Endorsement and Disclaimer of warranties:

The City of Hazelton and NSSWCD do not endorse any particular manufacturer or product. The City of Hazelton and NSSWCD make no express or implied warranties. The authorized applicant is responsible for ensuring the proper care and maintenance of any appliances installed as a result of participation in the program. Any other warranty or obligation is expressly denied.


The authorized applicant agrees to permit City of Hazelton or NSSWCD representatives reasonable access to the property to which any incentive application applies to verify installation and proper program participation, if considered necessary by either party. Information release:

Personal information will not be shared with third parties except as needed to verify proper program participation.

Idaho law:

Idaho law will control disputes under and enforcement of this agreement. The authorized applicant expressly submits to jurisdiction in, and waives any venue conflict with, state courts in Jerome County, Idaho.

Authorized applicant:

The applicant expressly represents, with the intent that the City of Hazelton and/or NSSWCD rely without independent investigation, that he/she is authorized to act for and on behalf of the property identified in the application. The authorized applicant agrees to personally indemnify the City of Hazelton and NSSWCD for any claims made or loss or damages incurred by the City of Hazelton or NSSWCD as a result of reliance on the same

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